Thanks to poor advertising from @HighlandCouncil this post will be hidden despite only being put out now 2 weeks before the end of term. Gaelic teachers desperately needed around the Highlands, including Ullapool Primary (cont)
Poorly written though the ad is, the post is much needed.Gaelic medium is booming all over and it would be terrible if all the hard work up to now was wasted due to late advertising of posts.(Not just out school affected seemingly) @bordnagaidhlig @JohnSwinney @KateForbesMSP cont
Highland council would like to move teachers about internally due to a recruitment freeze, but with a Gaelic boom we need MORE teachers across the board. @Ianblackford_MP @MareeToddMSP @scotgov @blackburnmsp
#SuasLeisaGhaidhlig #teachervacancies #scenicviews #education
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#gaidhlig #gaelic #ullapool
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