read @RonanFarrow's catch and kill this past few days

and by, god, @nbc is an even more corrupt place than i ever imagined. no wonder they are the source of the most anti-Asian racism ever.

a thread.
just in the past few years, NBC's anti-Asian racism was well on display. the most egregious example was against @AndrewYang. in the first debate, they gave him less time than the other joke candidates, 37.5% of the average time of all candidates.
the networks also didn't cover him, left him out of graphics, etc. in light of farrow's reporting, and this list of CEOs who are on the board of @comcast, it's not surprising.
then you have the @snl situation last year with shane gillis, an unfunny comedian who dealt in racial slurs and "edgelord" comedy. the very fact that a simple google search would've verified that he was a disgusting piece of filth leads me to believe that SNL knew about this...
but @nbc's racism doesn't stop there. their darling, tina fey, is one of the worst anti-Asian racists there is. in mean girls, she clearly plays on dragon lady and prostitute stereotypes of Asian women.
and surprise, surprise, the producer was lorne michaels, the producer of SNL.

(earlier in that clip you can see how they stereotype other minorities too.)
let's not forget the dong character in unbreakable kimmy schmidt. it was one of those "oh we're making a caricature out of a stereotype so it's not REALLY racist" attempts. but it just wasn't even funny or a good character. it was just an updated long duk dong.
now you have this @meganamram thing. a writer who has for YEARS dealt in slurs. what did she do when people pushed back? she doubled down and blocked anyone who'd do so. and now she wants to give a weak ass apology and think it's all good?!
you ever wonder why jason mendoza was a boring one-dimensional character who had one note, just being dumb? probably because megan wrote for him, because asian americans are retarded, right?
lorne michaels is one of the big people at NBC who has fingerprints on a ton of this racist shit:

wayne's world (dragon lady again)
30 rock (tracy morgan character)
mean girls
norm mcdonald has a show (who defended gillis and his racism to the death)
if @RonanFarrow came across corrupt studio heads that tried to kill the weinstein story, how far of a stretch is it that @nbc has corrupt entertainment heads that are peddling racism because they know it will sell?
thanks for this @TessDeeSee:

"Don't forget their affiliate MSNBC and the "American Beats Michelle Kwan"..."

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