Okay, #saskedchat / #skpoli -- I'm floored.

I am a strong advocate, whenever possible, about the language of commitment (vs complaint) and about the need for creative problem-solving. As teachers, we do this on a daily basis. We make the impossible happen on a shoestring. BUT-
-after the press conference today, I have hit my wall.

No, the budget saved with the short move to supplemental learning is not enough to cover the funding required to cover the recommendations. Not close. Not ANYWHERE close.

It will fall on teachers.
And so, what you are asking of your teachers is to make a choice:

Use your own money (which is likely already significantly impacted as so many households are) to keep PEOPLE ALIVE,

or don't.

Because the recommendations to give every student their own sanitizer? How?
If WE (provincially) are not asking students to wear masks (despite the clear recommendations that this prevents transmissions); we are not doing temperate checks; we are not providing additional funding to help increase safety measures

Then WE are not really doing anything.
So no.

I do not want to see teachers, again, somehow, solving this problem.

We can't.


But we always do.

But we can't.
So, to be clear, I am not going to take this time to figure out virtual field trips (bc we can't share 5 ipads with 30 kids right now), explore the best practices for teaching math without manipulatives (I've bought 99% of what I have and it's not enough to give to all)...
I won't yet consider ways to teach printing formation without paper, I won't imagine the budget needed to replace our collab-friendly classroom furniture in order to create spacing in a room not intended for it...
And I'll say that I won't, even though this is how I know I'll be spending many sleepless nights, but I can't.

Because I will be busy considering how to keep my staff and students, who will not be granted additional funding needed to procure appropriate PPE, alive.
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