(1) As someone who's held many white hands in anti-racism workshops and working through questions of individual vs systemic responsibility when it comes to racism, I'm finding the @BlocQuebecois response to being called racist pretty fascinating. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(2) it is very common for folks to be "we are fighting the system - I can't be the problem." Systemic racism becomes this vague construct happening around us like we have no control over it or understand how it's operating.
(3) It's almost spiritual - "and on the 8th day, god created systemic racism." and people kind of shrug like they can't do anything. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(4) But it's people who make up these structures, create laws to benefit them, and enforce exploitative relationships. we are not pawns being moved around in a game called "systemic racism." @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(5) so for the @BlocQuebecois to wring their hands and feel insulted for being called "racist" because they do want to end systemic racism - they are implying they have had no influence or role in the oppression of Black and Indigenous and POC. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(6) Also, am i the only one that forgot about their stance on Quebec's hijab/veil laws that sought to attack the employment of Muslim women? Um...sorry dudes, those are racist people passing racist laws as part of systemic racism. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(7) So if I were to ever be invited to give a workshop for the @BlocQuebecois, I'd probably say what i say to everyone who just crumbles when called a racist. See this as an invitation to be better and do better. Do one needs a mea culpa. If you hate racism, then prove it.
(8) Maybe instead of blasting @theJagmeetSingh, you can spend some time with your dude who voted against the motion and ask why he thought it was better to do more research and study racism in the RCMP more. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(9) But this whole "I'm not racist, the system is racist" is a total distraction, especially when you had a chance to address racism systemically. LOL. @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
(10) I get that white people respond with anger. Being called a racist attacks their character. But racism IS attacking our character. It attacks your humanity. It does make you a bad person. It makes you selfish and cruel. But if you don't want to be that way, there are options!
(11) When I say systemic racism, I'm naming a function of capitalism that uses relationships, resources, laws, and power to not only create divisions but create groups of people that can be justifiably exploited. We are all in it, participate, and fight it.
(12) systemic racism is not just us standing around and if the bird of white supremacy shits on us randomly, we shrug and blame the system. It's not either/or - we change ourselves, relationships, communities and the world all at once. It's intense multi-tasking.
(13) Anyways, not sure if the @BlocQuebecois had any anti-oppression workshops coming up. All this was stolen by the way by a lot of french anti-racists like Fanon and Cesaire. You should check them out! *end rant* @theJagmeetSingh #cdnpoli
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