One must understand that the phrase "Black on Black Crime " is the result of institutional and environmental racism.
Though Black people do often commit violent crimes against one another, the phrase "Black on Black Crime" intentionally shifts the blame to Black people and away from the environmental racism that occurs.
Black people were specifically and forcefully placed into terrible neighborhoods with limited to no resources and were intentionally denied loans from the US Bank to generate poverty.
Any impoverish environmental is inevitably going to breed crime and, of course, violence within the community itself. Now that the oppressed neighborhood is dismantling itself even further, due to the conditions it has been forced upon, it is much easier to place 100% of the…
…blame on Black people when crime and violence occurs, which can further justify the exploitation and violence against Black Americans. I am not condoning ANY violence within the Black community but please understand that a cornucopia of young Black men and women have grown up…
…in and around poverty and violence we must not unjustly burden them with all of the responsibility(Personally I believe it is a form of victim blaming). That is the reality that systematic racism has created.
So the real problem is not necessarily "Black on Black Crime", it is the malicious systematic racism Whites have created to produce issues like these. One must ask why Black people are being violent against one another.
THEN we can properly combat the racism, that has pit us against each other, in order to significantly/exponentially reduce the problem that has been named "Black on Black Crime."

Also, just so you know:
#BlackLivesMatter does not generally focus on "Black on Black Crime" because in those situations, justice is almost always issued, swiftly. The person who committed the crime is arrest, convicted and imprisoned. Done.
In the case of the #PoliceBrutalityPandemic , #PoliceBrutality is rampant, yet almost all of the officers involved are not convicted or imprisoned for the murder of innocent Black lives(And yes, I said innocent.
Innocent until proven guilty and none of them can even survive to exercise their 6th amendment right to a speedy and public trial. This is America right..?) And that is why we have the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
#BLM seeks to hold American Law Enforcement accountable/responsible when police violate 4th amendment search & seizure, 5th amendment Miranda Rights, 5th/14th amendment Due Process and of course #PoliceBrutality
So the asinine responds of "Why doesn't #BlackLivesMatter fix on…
#BlackOnBlackCrime if they really care about Black lives" is 1) completely ignorant of what the #BlackLivesMatter is really for and 2) a feeble attempt to deflect attention/accountability away from #PoliceBrutality and Law Enforcement
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