How to survive as a minority group. Advice for Americans:

1. The police will become increasingly irrelevant & security will be privatized. Save your pennies for safety.
2. There are benefits in walling off your suburb. Don’t worry, gated communities will become more affordable
3. The quality of public schools/hospitals will continue to fall. Private institutions will provide alternatives.
4. Reduce your dependency on the government. Practice extreme self-reliance.
5. Always lock your car & house doors. It should be second nature.
6. Strengthen friendships with your neighbors & community. They’re the ones who will have your back.
7. Form tight bonds with members of other ethnic groups. Thriving as a minority group requires cooperation. These relationships reduce the likelihood of ethnic conflict!
8. Invest in renewable energy. You don’t know who will be in charge of the grid within a generation. We had the 5th biggest power utility in the world, yet now we’re accustomed to regular power outages.

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