Two pics from @nycDSA @QueensDSA's rally outside of City Council member's @Dromm25's apartment, as part of their Budget Day of Action. We need to #DefundPolice and refund the people! Very inspired by these organizers, asking to #DefundNYPD by half of their budget: $3 billion.
I cannot speak for the organizers, but personally, I was not there out of disrespect for Daniel Dromm. I was there to advocate for defunding the NYPD. What the Indivisible movement taught me is that it is important to apply pressure even to the politicians...
who are on your side, to let them know the strength of public support. I was not there protesting Dromm; I respect his accomplishments for the community. I was there in support of the notion that black lives matter and that defunding the police will decrease police brutality.
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