Black people are Indigenous. African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latino, African Canadians are all African Indigenous peoples that were displaced from their homelands and went through ethnogenesis to form new distinct cultures BASED IN THEIR AFRICAN INDIGENEITY
Black people have been forcibly disconnected from their Indigeneity in a very intentional way. It was done to separate them from their homelands, languages, spirituality and community in an attempt to break them into subjugation.
Tribalism on the continent and nationhood on turtle island functions in some of the same ways of kinship, clanship, identity, spirituality and culture. Whether it's the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon or the Mississaugek of Hiawatha, we are all Indigenous
North America has done a great job through cinema and television to create a very specific image of what Indigenous peoples are suppose to look like. Plains headdress, Tanto's slow speech, dances with wolves and Iron Eyes Cody's one tear
Not only does it pigeon whole Indigenous peoples on turtle island into a pan-Indigenous image but it removes any conversation around Indigenous peoples from other territories and most specifically the African continent.
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