The battle to protect Dreamers is over. That some think it is shows a misreading of what SCOTUS did.

Hopefully, this will also make "progressives" planning not to vote or to "protest" vote to learn: If you don't vote for @JoeBiden, you are supporting deportation of Dreamers.../1
...the Court did not make this 5-4 decision on Constitutional law, nor did anyone in the case argue there are Constitutional protections to allow Dreamers to stay. This was *all* about procedure under a complex law called the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) that has a..../2
...series of requirements for any policy development that is out of an agency as opposed to out of a law passed by Congress and signed by the President.

Because of their typical, sloppy "go go go!" approach, Trump Admin screwed up on following the APA, so the rule was..../3
...developed and applied contrary to the requirements of how it should be done under law. All Trump has to do is start again, this time following the rules of the APA, and the Dreamers are heading to deportation.

If Trump has another four years, he can get it done. He CANT.../4
...get it done in the time left in his term. @JoeBiden has made clear - going back to when he was VP - that he is committed to protecting the Dreamers.

There is another stark choice in your vote. Should these many people, these contributors to America, be thrown out or not?.../
...if you refuse to vote for Biden because of "corporate this" or "neoliberal that" or to impress your Facebook friends, you are SPECIFICALLY contributing to destroying these people's lives. YOU bear partial responsibility for what happens to them..../5 was proved in 2016, government is serious business. Choices matter.

So next time you hear someone say "I dont want to vote because Biden blah blah" respond: "So, you want the Dreamers deported, huh?"

You can't claim to love humanity unless you care about real people.

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