If you're trapped in a blue state, and you ALWAYS VOTE REPUBLICAN, you can take heart in the fact that, although the Red States & Donald Trump are NOT COMING TO SAVE YOU, enough of your fellow blue state non-insane citizens will be fully "woke" by the time November gets here.
"When's Donald Trump gonna come save me?" you ask?

Well...never, actually.

I understand this might not be what you want to hear.

But it is the truth.

And I'll always tell you the truth.
The only way you get saved is when enough people in YOUR STATE AND TOWN have had enough of the absolute freaking INSANITY.

That means you have to go through Hell. I'm sorry about that. I know it's hard.

But eventually all the sane citizens will be awake & roused for change.
Millions of people have left the Democratic Party.

They've had enough. They reached their limit.

Millions of people weren't voting & never even paid attention to local politics in their city/state.

Now they realize THAT IS NOT AN OPTION.

Opting out is NOT AN OPTION.
When I talk about a TRUMPSLIDE, I'm not exaggerating.

He was already gonna win.

After the Left spent 3 1/2 years preparing an epic gaslighting blitz on the rest of the country timed to start in the Summer before the 2020 election?

Now he wins by an ever LARGER gap.
Blue States don't flip to purple/red states until enough of the citizens living there have had some stupid Democrat ideological lunatic as their governor/mayor grab their hand and put it on the hot stove and press it down...HARD.
And while they are desperately trying to pull their hand off the hot stove, the Democrat won't let go of it and starts babbling to them how this NECESSARY because SOCIAL JUSTICE DEMANDS IT and how SPECIAL that mayor/governor is to do this.
They'll keep right on virtue-signaling like the vapid pricks they are while ordinary people are in great agony.

If **that** doesn't motivate them to vote out Democrats, nothing will.

The sane people in these states will come through.

They'll have had ENOUGH OF THIS by Nov.
So @COsweda is right.

This is up to the sane people in the blue states.

How MOTIVATED will they be to go vote after what the DEMOCRATIC PARTY had done & will be doing to them & their families?

We'll find out.

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