A Thread on the #DACA decision (please share)

This is the most important line in the #DACADecision.

Please understand all Justice Roberts and the liberals on the #SCOTUS did was buy the United States time to November to elect a new president.

The fate of the 700,000 people who reside here under DACA rests firmly with the outcome of the election this November. So keep that in mind when you consider whether to vote at all and who you vote for.

If Donald Trump is re-elected they will certainly have their legal status under DACA revoked and they WILL be deported.

I personally know at least one DACA recipient. So I will be voting for Joe Biden this November.

And then I will pray that he has a Democratic Congress so they can pass an official law and definitively resolve this issue so that #DACA recipients have full legal protection.

Please share this thread because I do not want this point missed.

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