What you need to know about the DACA opinion; A thread: It is important to remember that the Court did not specifically say that ending DACA is unconstitutional. The court took issue with the way the Trump administration tried to do it. That should concern you and here is why....
In the event that Trump is re-elected his administration will almost certainly try to end DACA again. But this time, they will use the current Supreme Court opinion as a blueprint to do it within the legal parameters. This is why we cannot let this temporary victory distract us.
This ruling does not lessen the stakes come November 3rd, it HEIGHTENS them. You see DACA was NOT a bill passed into law, it was an executive order by Obama. Therefore, it derives it’s power from the executive branch, and does not have the same safeguards like a legislative bill.
So in order for DACA recipients to no longer have to live in fear and finally feel safe in this country, there has to be a legislative bill that is passed through the house and the senate and signed by the president. THAT is why you have to VOTE. Unless you vote for a president
and congress people who support DACA, and will write/pass a bill for it, DACA recipients will never truly be given the opportunity to live in this country without fear of deportation. So I am pleading with you, do not get complacent. Do not stop advocating. Do not stop fighting.
Our friends, spouses and family members livelihoods are at stake. Do your research, get involved and ensure the right people are elected in November.
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