#SCOTUS #DACADecision thread: Many of you know my story, but for those of you who don't, I came to this country at the age of 9 from Colombia and lived for 13 years as an undocumented youth.
Like many DREAMers, my mother brought me to this country for a better life, far from the economic hardships and violent realities in our homeland.
We spent much of my childhood living in the shadows, knowing that the system was stacked against us. Each day we faced the fear that immigration enforcement could tear our family apart at any moment, for simply trying to survive. When @BarackObama enacted the #DACA program.
I knew there was hope for the millions of DREAMers whose stories were not unlike mine. DACA allowed my dear Mehreen to become a successful lawyer, my dear friend Diana to become my intern, & Martin, Jesus, & Enrique a chance to go to school, work, & simply live as proud Americans
In the summer of 2017, Trump made his election promise a reality and announced the end of DACA. I still remember crying on the phone with my friend @GloriaPazmino, feeling powerless and triggered by the fear of losing it all.
For 3 years, our communities fought alongside leaders from @MaketheRoadNY and the @thenyic to defend DREAMers & DACA, and today the Supreme Court finally recognized their humanity. Today's victory belongs to them.
This program has given hundreds of thousands of young DREAMers and their families the possibility to work, go to school, obtain health care, and simply exist as hard-working and meaningful members of society.
I represent the community with the highest number of undocumented New Yorkers, many of them DREAMers. Today, many of them are breathing a sigh of relief. But let's remember that this fight is not over.
Many young DREAMers are still left out, and their parents, the original DREAMers, are still without status, and feel like the country to which they have given their all does not love them back. Now more than ever is the time to push Congress for meaningful immigration reform.
Now more than ever it is important that we elect a President who sees immigrants as the proud Americans we are, one that is willing to provide us with the liberty and justice we deserve. END THREAD
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