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It's been a day since BQ MP Alain Therrien needlessly blocked a motion that would've had Parliament recognize there is systemic racism in the RCMP & take a few basic steps to address anti-Black & anti-Indigenous police violence & save lives. #IStandWithJagmeet
Since then the discussion in our media, on social, in our public spaces, has been almost entirely about Jagmeet pointing out that this was racist.

Should he have done it? Should he have withdrawn the remarks? Should he apologize? Was it racist?
Look. Systemic racism in policing is real. Refusing to acknowledge it & going out of your way to block basic steps to address it disproportionately hurts Black, Indigenous & racialized people bc of who we are.

It's not complex. It's the basic, kindergarten definition of racism.
Now, let's look back. Remember when Jagmeet was accosted by that racist white lady in 2017?

How he was lauded for choosing to permit invasion of his space, to entertain the potential threat of violence against his person? Lauded by many of the ppl who are tut-tutting him now?
Now let's look back at Trudeau's boxing PR stunt in 2012, which by many accounts solidified his status as a potential PM.

What does it say that a white man fighting an Indigenous man & then cutting his hair in Parliament (fully knowing the symbolism) is Prime Ministerial?
Meanwhile, Jagmeet pushing back against an attack on the humanity of himself & other BIPOC is gauche. Instead, wilful self-abnegation is preferable.

What does this say about which people, which bodies, whose dignity is valued?

Who is permitted self-defence?
TL;DR, What we saw in the Commons yesterday & in the public square since, is exactly the problem Jagmeet was trying to fix.

In Canada, Black, Indigenous & racialized lives are not just less valued than white ones. They're not even as valued as white people's feeling insulted.
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