Can I just tell you guys for a bit why getting rid of DACA makes no sense and it’s just something to do to please the racists. A thread
So first I wanna say that Trump calling DACA recipients criminals is just a tactic to get his followers to fear/hate us. One big requirement to be eligible for DACA is that we must have not committed any crimes. So that’s one thing we are not criminals because we CANT be.
DACA just gives us the right to work here legally and live without fear of deportation. We aren’t allowed to leave the country. We can’t “leech” off the govt. We aren’t eligible for ANY federal benefits. Food stamps, social security, financial aid, Medicare, etc
Every two years DACA recipients must renew their DACA. Which costs $495. Theres 700,000 of us. So every two years we send $345.5 MILLION dollars to the govt. And on top of that we pay taxes just like everyone else.
There is no benefit for getting rid of DACA. We contribute to to the economy. That’s what DACA let’s us do. Why take it away?? What’s the point? It’s because we didn’t come in the right way? We DIDNT have a choice. We were children!
Getting rid of DACA is not in the best interest of the country. The people who want to get rid of it don’t even understand it. They just hate immigrants. Specifically the brown ones. At the end for them it isn’t about doing the right thing. They’re just racist.
This is my experience with DACA and what I take away from it. I’m sure I’ve missed several other things but I sorta rushed this. If there’s anything I missed please feel free to add
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