Today is a special day for all of us in the Onward fandom! Please join me in celebrating @thederpyhipster’s 25th birthday!! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend #Onward #PixarOnward #OnwardPixar @pixaronward
The gift I’d like to give @thederpyhipster today is the chance to be recognized by @Pixar for all of her hard work with this beautiful campaign, and to bring together as many members of the community as we can to spread positivity! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend #Onward
We absolutely adore the wonderful feature, Onward, created by @MrDanScanlon and believe Ian Lightfoot deserves someone as magical as Aeric Aldheim, who was created by @thederpyhipster with the ship known as Lightheim! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend #Onward #PixarOnward #OnwardPixar
This is a special month after all, and with the inclusivity shown by @Pixar and @Disney @WDAStudios, we believe a beloved main character can help shine #LGBTQ #Pride to families and youth in an endearing manner! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend @pixaronward
We know there is a lot of potential in @Pixar and @Disney @WDAStudios’s Onward, and we want @MrDanScanlon especially to know how much we adore the beautiful creations he gave us!! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend #Onward #PixarOnward #OnwardPixar @pixaronward
All of the art shared in this thread was created by @thederpyhipster herself! Please show her the attention and love she deserves today on this special occasion!! #GiveIanLightfootABoyfriend #Onward #PixarOnward #OnwardPixar @pixaronward
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