We are seeing comments. Guys, Jimin Global posts about Jimin's songs a lot. Jimin is part of BTS. Streams of BTS songs also go to him.

Supporting Jimin is also supporting Jimin as BTS and that means all his works. Let's look at the good side and stream.
Jimin Global is a fanbase for Park Jimin. Jimin as an individual artist and as a member of BTS.

We wanted to make this clear since this is not the first time. We do not accept any slander that we do not prioritize or do not support Jimin just because we support BTS.
We can do both kinds of support. If you choose only one then it is up to you.

Everyone, please reflect on your intentions when you drag well-intended initiatives and accounts. For who and for what is it really for, and what are you trying to achieve.
We saw how many don't know the older songs and Jimin was amazing.

There is nothing wrong w/ Jimin fanbases posting videos of Jimin's verses while sharing the results of his best verses poll and supporting the streaming party.

Let's move on and stream. http://bit.ly/JiminSpotify 
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