OK. I have stopped crying long enough to read the #DACA decision and begin to digest what it means. A thread:
First thing's first: it's a HUGE day for immigrants, for DREAMers, for DACA recipients and the millions of people who are their families, coworkers and communities.
It is also a great day for rest of the country, which benefits enormously from DACA because of the people who are able to work, teach, study, and serve on the front lines of responding to this pandemic. 29,000 of the latter, btw.
It is also a huge day for folks who might still benefit from the original 2012 version of DACA - the court basically reopened the possibility of relief for those who age in and become eligible. That's a big deal.
But it's not necessarily a final vindication of #DACA, because the court made it clear that, if the Administration were to follow proper procedure, it still has the right to terminate the program. This raises two big questions:
1) does the Administration have time to rescind if it wants? Maybe. The regulatory process takes time, but they have at least until January. Or longer depending on how things go in November. And 2) Is it in there interest to take drastic action and go after DACA again?
Clearly, NO. Trump and Miller may or may not grasp this, but the majority of the country, INCLUDING A MAJORITY OF REPUBLICANS agrees that we shouldn't remove the people who benefit from DACA. @politico documented this (again) in a poll just this week.
They may be foolish enough to go after DACA again, but I hope they know and see that America has the DREAMers' backs.
We see you, Donald Trump, we see you Stephen Miller, and we're coming for you.
Today's win is another reason to give it our all this November. ✊🏾
ugh - typo. *their* 😳
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