Did a #PRIDE2020 webinar for @IOM3_Pride - thanks @iom3 for setting up!

There will be (fingers crossed) a recording in due course. I can tweet a couple of things I discussed as actions...
From the great work of @jesswade that awards in science & engineering are not fairly distributed, shown here with respect to race & gender. No/limited data for LGBTQ+, but lack of diversity here implies that we are not likely to have LGBTQ+ representation - so nominate URM people
People from underrepresented communities need to act in an inclusive manner, especially with those from other communities - e.g. LGB+ with T, women with LGBT, LGBT with Black & PoC, across all of the protected characteristics - we can focus support for a group too...
'getting into' social justice issues can be daunting, & we often forget this, as there is a language barrier.

This shouldn't stop people looking stuff up.

Also just because 'you know a gay™' doesn't mean you know what everyone experiences
Please read the @IOPDiversity @RoyalAstroSoc @RoySocChem report - and pay close attention to the action list that you, your company/team, and your societies can do to make things better for LGBTQ+ people

If you are an institution / company - and your run lots of external travel, or compulsory courses/field work/trips - consider the implications for LGBTQ+ individuals, and have a "risk for LGBTQ+" in your travel based risk assessment as standard

Consult https://ilga.org/ 
You can share this LGBT+ ally poster, created by @Jobium and @LGBT_Physics , and also print and put it up in your place of work (a high footfall place and/or prominently in your office) https://twitter.com/edisgroup/status/1100315822826930178
Anyway - enough for me for now. Thanks to everyone who turned up, special thanks to @iom3 for hosting, and thanks for all the awesome questions in the Q&A - gave me food for thought!

Happy #Pride
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