The penultimate Cuomo daily briefing is starting now in New York City
Cuomo is thanking his advisors and aides for the last 100-some-odd days of pandemic management.
Cuomo on police reform: "This is not about tear gas or rubber bullets or the color of uniforms. This is about making fundamental changes"
Cuomo says more than 68,000 COVID tests in the last day found 618 positive cases, or .9 percent
Cuomo says there is an apple manufacturing plant in Oswego where there is a cluster of 34 positive COVID cases.

"That's bad news, but it's also good news" the cluster was found.
29 people have died of COVID in the last 24 hours in New York, Cuomo says,.
Cuomo says a final decision is coming tomorrow for New York City on phase 2, but businesses should plan to reopen on Monday for that stage.
Cuomo: "Compliance matters. It matters. It's not just moral, communal, ethical. It's the law. Follow the law."

He urges local government :cough: de Blasio :cough: to enforce social distancing and mask wearing
Cuomo says he is signing an executive order to increase social distancing enforcement. The State Liquor Authority would be able to immediately suspend a liquor license if they do not follow the rules; business could be subject to an "immediate shutdown order."
The order will also make bars responsible for the immediate outside sidewalk portion in front of their establishments.

"We need the local governments to do their part," Cuomo says.
Cuomo says the state is also moving forward on college reopening guidance plans.
Cuomo says the country is divided between states that managed reopenings and bungled them.

He blames the Trump administration:

"The White House from day one has been operating from a pure political ideology," he says.
"PowerPoint eulogy," Cuomo says of his future funeral. "Make a note."
Cuomo, who has something of a truculent relationship with the media at times, is praising the New York press for its COVID coverage.

"You were asking the really probitive, pointed direct questions that got people the information they needed.... You did a great public service."
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