Today, the Supreme Court decided Trump wrongfully terminated DACA. We’re ecstatic by this win and won’t stop fighting for Dreamers. #HomeIsHere THREAD ⬇️
This decision is met at a time of tremendous pain for Black people, who know far too well the experience of their families and communities being torn apart due to systematic racism and white supremacy -- from criminalization, mass incarceration, detention, to deportation. 2/
The fight for justice for the undocumented community is deeply connected to the fight for justice for Black people. While this decision is a step in the right direction, more must be done to protect our communities. 3/
DACA has changed the lives of nearly 825,000 people who were brought to the United States as children. Dreamers have been able to attend college and fill jobs that are often unattainable to those without work authorization in the United States. 4/
They’ve planted roots here -- many are parents to some 250,000 U.S. citizen children and home and small business owners. 5/
Approx. 27,000 DACA recipients work in the healthcare field and every day DACA recipients continue to contribute to the care our communities need -- from the 142,000 workers growing and stocking our shelves with food to the 15,000 teachers educating our children virtually. 6/
Without question, we need compassion and care from everyone and for everyone. No one should have to worry about their communities and families being torn apart. 7/
Right now, we need the government to prioritize the health and safety of our communities, instead of doubling down on its draconian immigration agenda for political gain. 8/
It’s time for Congress & the Trump administration to take action on anti-Black violence, including the end to the deportation of Black undocumented immigrants occurring amid the pandemic, & ensuring permanent protections for TPS, Dreamers, & their families. 9/
The United States is home and Dreamers are here to stay. /END
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