Just a reminder:
Many of you are about to invite a bunch of Black Academics and/or DEI professionals to your departmental seminars.


2) If they are faculty, DO NOT ONLY ASK THEM TO SPEAK ABOUT DIVERSITY. Give them a platform for their research.
3) Do NOT let their visit be hosted solely by the diversity department at your institution.

It needs to be supported financially, physically, and socially by faculty influencers in the department.
4) Diversity Equity and Inclusion is a whole entire stand alone discipline. You should treat it with the same respect you would treat [insert field you work in]
5) Tangential to #4, if you are inviting a faculty member who is qualified to speak about DEI AND [insert field] then value them like the highly intellectual leaders that they are.

Listen to them the FIRST time. Hire them. Pay them. Protect them.
6) For those who preemptively are worried that they will not get any invited talks because "all the Black faculty are getting preferential treatment." NO. Go sit in a corner and think about how flawed that logic is, how antithetical that is to how academia really works.
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