Every profession has some ‘bad’ folks, but not all in said profession are ‘bad’. I have had some real ‘bad’ doctors but not all doctors are ‘bad’.

I stand with our men and women in blue and what is happening with #DefundThePolice #AbolishICE is reprehensible😡

The local police in my community are amazing. They support lemon aid stands, join us at block parties and BBQ’s. They keep us safe and we treat them like family💙🚔

Thank a police officer today. They need to know that there are many of us that support them and will have their back💙🚔

A Police Officer’s Prayer🙏🏻

Please pray for protection for those that protect us🙏🏻🚔

I will always #BackTheBlue and I pray for the men and woman of blue and their families🙏🏻

They don’t have an easy job and the majority are good hardworking folks trying to do the right thing💙🚔

@RealJamesWoods RealJamesWoods posted some upsetting videos yesterday about “think about it” police situations. I want to share some of them here.

🚨Please be advised that they are upsetting and violent🚨

#BackTheBlue https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273392671705272321
🎩 @RealJamesWoods https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273400746436780032
🎩 @RealJamesWoods https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273403354081722368
🎩 @RealJamesWoods https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273409736759599104
🎩 @RealJamesWoods https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273453444133605376
🎩 @RealJamesWoods

#BackTheBlue https://twitter.com/realjameswoods/status/1273485124437372934
This is NOT about white and black.

This is NOT about Social Justice.

This is ALL about the 2020 election and the Dems efforts to crush @realDonaldTrump

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