Dreamer Juan Plascencia messages me.

He's 29 & a social studies teacher in Las Vegas:

"Absolutely shocked. Amazed. A lot of emotions. As a history teacher I teach about days like this. DACA is here to stay and our humanity is validated."
He's been checking the SCOTUS website every Monday for the past few weeks -- waiting for a decision anxiously.

He felt like his life was in a holding pattern as the justices decided.

"We are humans. We don't owe people a sob story to validate our humanity."
Another Dreamer Liz Nava messages:

"I’ve lived in Arizona since the age of two & I am a DACA recipient. I woke up this morning & I am in absolute tears! My family has worked with me so hard to get to where I am now, and this decision this morning makes everything unbelievable!"
Erika Almanza, a 29-year-old mother of two in San Jose.

She’s had DACA since 2014.

“This is my home. I’ve been here since I was 4. This is all I know. This ruling means I am safe --- I’m not scared anymore. It means I can be with my kids.”
Ivon Cardoza, 24, a dental assistant.

She's getting her degree in business soon.

"The news today meant that I can get a chance to finish school. My daca was set to expire this year and without this I would have lost it all by September. I teared up hearing the news today!"
Dreamer Vanessa Meraz:

"I stared at my screen at 9:59, tense and tired. I hit refresh at 10am, and at 10:01 I let out all of the feelings I had been bottling up. The rush of relief I felt in that moment is indescribable and all I could do was cry to my parents."
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