After living my 1/4 life in this country #Afghanistan.. I came to a conclusion that, and this is actually for the greater good of the people of Afghanistan too, that parts of Afghanistan that have pushtoons majority should join #Pakistan as their Sixth Province.
The remaining Afghanistan should form another country called "Khurasan" or whatever the majority can agree with.
Why the pukhtoon majority parts of Afghanistan should join Pakistan.
It's a million dollar question.
Most of the Pukhtoons of Afghanistan Lived entirely or partly (themselves or their parents lived in Pakistan) majority of Pukhtoon are already living lots better than how Pukhtoon are living in Afghanistan..
Pakistani Pukhtoon have liberty, freedom, good health and education
System, they even have a Pukhtoon Federal govt. Now.
Lets keep our ego aside & whole heatedly join Pakistan. I don't think Afghanistan can be an independent country. Govt can't provide us any services, we still cure our patients in Pakistan, educate our children in Pakistan,
Receive Goods and food from Pakistan, Then why do we need a country if we can't provide for and we rely on Pakistanis resources?
Let my words spread across the whole country and let their be a consideration of joining Pakistan as sixth province.
I hope the people of Pakistan especially my "Lar-Brothers" please accept us as yours. We want a peaceful life. I hope my Fellow Pakistani will publish this thread on their TL so my voice can be heard.
Thank You All!!!
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