Whenever I criticise the Social Justice movement I’m asked “Why wouldn’t you be in favour of social justice? It sounds great!”

We’re all in favour of social justice. But the Social Justice movement has little to do with actual social justice.

Confused? That’s the whole point...
This ambiguity works to the advantage of Social Justice activists. It makes it easy to deflect criticism.

In order to combat the rise of this illiberal ideology, it’s important to understand the terms.

Here’s an excerpt from @ConceptualJames’s commentary for @NewDiscourses.
It’s worth reading the entry in full (link below).

@ConceptualJames’s “Social Justice Encyclopedia” is a painstaking work in progress. For each term he offers sources of Social Justice usage and commentary on the implications.

It’s an essential resource. https://newdiscourses.com/tftw-social-justice/
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