Edmonton simply went ahead and decided to hold a public hearing on racism and policing. They moved quickly and deliberately.

Calgary had to write a long-winded document suggesting a public hearing for God knows when, Council had to discuss and vote, and barely a mention of CPS. https://twitter.com/jeffsamsonow/status/1273400495822925824
The only mention of police is for the Calgary Police Commission to report back on what anti-racism practices are already taking place.

That's the level of accountability we're holding weapon carrying law enforcers to? Platitudes?
Calgary is tip-toeing around the Calgary Police, and you know what, I almost can't blame them. CPS has a an aggressive reaction to criticism. It's intimidating, and it shuts civilians up out of fear. I'm scared even writing this now.
Apparently we're supposed to be proud that we have "community policing" — okay, then why is it that when two City Councillors in the last 4 years have brought up legitimate issues with policing, they received ruthless, violent backlash? You call that a "community" response?
Unless the #yyccc public hearing on systemic racism addresses policing and the police budget — you know, the very things that sparked BLM uprisings in the first place — it's useless. If CPS thinks they're not the problem, then let their institution pass the test of scrutiny.
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