1 There are too many variables to choreograph a Trump exit/escape plan. More cracks in Trump-land are appearing w/ media reports that he may not be trying to win in Nov. Predicting a sequence of events may not be doable but there are logical components driven by his desperation..
2 Option 1
A sudden medical resignation.
-Tries to trade resignation for his financials not coming out w/ SCOTUS loss
-A new ticket w/ Pence & Haley

But there are problems:
-Pence is inundated about a Trump pardon
-Trump is instantly vulnerable to NY St charges
-Time is short
3 Option 2
Trump stays in WH but withdraws from election.
-Medical issues not admitted
-Pence avoids pardon issue
-Trump’s medical resignation happens after Pence/Haley get wiped out in Nov
-Pence as short term POTUS grants Trump pardon
-Trump tries medical angle w/ NY St charges
4 All bets are off. There are logical components of what he should do, but Trump always makes bad moves. His dementia makes his decision making frantic, not logical. He’s still in denial a/b ending up incapacitated like his father. He’s in denial about getting wiped out by Biden.
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