Astonishing. This is the medal given to UK diplomats for their services. It depicts a white angel stamping on the neck of a black man.
The black man has dragon's wings. It echoes St George slaying the dragon (the devil/usurper/national enemy).
Did no one in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or in Buckingham Palace, or among the people who received this medal, ever look at it and think "hang on a minute"?

Or is racism so ingrained in the UK's establishment that this iconography has remained unchallenged?
I'm told it depicts St Michael (the white guy), conquering the devil (the black man). THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT ANY BETTER.
Some people are questioning whether this version of the medal is current. According to the government's Official Gazette, yes it is:
It looks as if each one is hand-enamelled. Suggesting they are being turned out fresh every year, to the same, grotesque design.
Here, for the record, is the one depicted by the Official Gazette:
I've always been struck by the mesmerising effect of medals and honours in this country. Some people appear to devote their entire adult lives to obtaining them. They are, literally, baubles. It is hard to think of a more pointless life goal.
This makes it look even worse.
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