1/A thread on the Left’s mind control ‘spells’

The left controls social media and msm platforms.

We all know they will gladly censor anything they don’t like at the drop of a hat.

Many of us have experienced that censorship personally here on Twitter or on other platforms.
2/SUDDENLY these censorious social media platforms are filled with horrible behavior largely by people of a certain demographic.

Ask yourself WHY these videos are suddenly allowed to run rampant?

If they REALLY wanted to quell racism, wouldn’t they censor these videos?
3/The truth is they want to create MORE racism.

This has been their desire all along, but until recently, they have tried to camouflage that fact.

Now they are out in the open.
4/Why are they promoting racism?

For one, they truly ARE evil racists.

It also allows them to maintain a mental stranglehold on minorities and those who believe they are supporting minorities.

You might even call this a ‘spell’.
5/Yes, this is spell casting.

You can call it ‘programming’ if you prefer, but they are really the same thing.

They are using all of the tools in their arsenal to influence people to think a certain way.
6/It’s clear they are pushing hard for a ‘race war’ narrative.

A race war makes it easier to maintain the specific spells they have cast on those aforementioned communities.

The left sees the grip of those spells beginning to weaken, and it has them very worried.
7/In addition to a ‘race war’ narrative, their desire is to create an overall ‘chaos narrative.’

Chaos they will try to blame on Trump and the Republican Party.

‘Just Look at Trump’s America!’ they will exclaim with rehearsed disgust.
8/The ‘chaos spell’ is also very useful in buttressing a ‘fear spell.’

They want you afraid.

Locked in your home, cowering, afraid of people who don’t look like you, afraid of viruses that you can’t see, afraid that no police or firefighters will be available to help you.
9/Fear is a little bit like fire.

It can be a useful tool when harnessed properly, but it can also burn down entire cities if used improperly.

The ‘fear spells’ they are currently casting put them in serious jeopardy of burning down all have built over the last 50 years.
10/this is why I keep referring to their behavior as ‘scorched earth tactics.’

‘Scorched earth’ means burning down your own assets so that the enemy cannot have them after they defeat you.

It’s the behavior of a side who knows that they are losing. It’s pure desperation.
11/So why do I tell you all of this?

A) I want you to take heart in the fact that we really are winning, even though it may not feel like it at the moment.

B) I want you to be aware of their tactics so you can guard against them.

Don’t let them control you!

/end thread
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