Supporting the above hashtag may make you feel you are a patriot. But are doing good for India by doing so? Just think about it.

Patriotism is not something you do as per emotions. You have to understand the trading process before that.

Boycotting Chinese goods is to be initiated by Central Govt & not end customers. You can buy all products as long as govt allows selling it in the Indian market

Remember only products are Chinese but traders are Indians. Indians traders have invested money on Chinese goods.

Here most of the Chinese manufacturers already got their money from Indian traders & Indian traders only get their investment/profit only after selling their products. If you stop buying Chinese products in Indian markets, it’s Indian traders who are losing & not the Chinese

We have to accept the fact that Chinese products are popular in Global market & so in Indian markets. If buyers boycott Chinese products, there will be huge decline in sales & as result we will face decrease in CGST & SGST which will put both State & Central Govt in trouble

Yes, we have to teach China a lesson but we should do it by joining hands with the govt & not by putting Govts & Indian Traders in trouble.

Wait till govt finds replacement for Chinese products. Once replaced our traders can trade new products & we can buy.

Govt must be thinking for the replacement. Wait till then. Govt will boycott Chinese products when they are sure it won’t effect our Traders & Economy.

Till then help our Trades, Govts & Economy

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