Former US military, retired Army General Stanley McChrystal, once head of US forces in Afghanistan planned to deploy anti ISIS propaganda technology to counter the President’s messaging according to this article. If true, the retired military is overtly propagandizing US public=
to strife, factionalism and hatred of the President of the US. Don’t wonder why we are in a state of civil unrest, severe distress as a nation, useful idiot “occupation” of Seattle, hatred of police, and cognitive dissonance messaging about everything from COVID to the welfare=
of kids and education so extreme as to cause psychotic breaks with reality playing out in our civic sphere. Some of these ex military are reportedly using psychological welfare on the American public, broadcast to the world that is used as war propaganda on our enemies.=
IMO, if this is true, these people betray the constitution and the people of this country. Outright. For sure war propaganda broadcast to the public to destabilize our government are protected by the 1st Amendment, LOL.
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