The office will have one director and a deputy director and it will offer support for #HongKong people that need assistance to enter #Taiwan. The mechanism is established through Article 18 of the #HK and Macau Relations Act.
Based on the Mainland Affairs Council's plan, #Taiwan will offer basic life support to #HongKong people facing threat to their security or freedom due to political reasons.
The mechanism will be executed through the "Taiwan-Hong Kong service exchange office," and it will offer #HongKong people who wish to come to #Taiwan to study, investment immigration, and immigration the necessary assistance.
Additionally, the Taiwanese government will put national security into consideration as they provide necessary help through existing legal framework in #Taiwan. They will also utilize the support from public and private sectors, and offer assistance to #HK people in a ...
... practical manner. The MAC emphasized that they hope to reflect #Taiwan's support for #HongKong people's fight for democracy and freedom through the assistance mechanism, as well as #Taiwan's good will and determination to care for #HK people.
One of the telephone number of the office is "2700-3199," which the MAC chief said represents #Taiwan's good will for #HongKong will be long and endurable. It also shows the international community's commitment to defend common values will be "long and endurable."
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