The EU Council presidency presents a great challenge, says German chancellor Merkel in parliament: “We have to overcome the impact of the #coronavirus pandemic and at the same time make Europe more resilient and future-proof”

Our way of life is in midst of great transformation driven by two developments: #climatechange –which we have to tackle with low-carbon and in the future #CO2 neutral way of living – and #digitalisation – German chancellor Merkel

Answer to economic and social impact of #coronavirus pandemic must not be return to traditional way to operate, says Merkel. Instead, it must speed up and strengthen the transformation to a new way of working and economic activity
Expectations are high for GER Council presidency, says Merkel and names priorities, among them #climateaction ; as #climatechange fundamentally changes way of working and living, govt has “clearly bet on supporting green growth” in pandemic recovery packages

Germany will “intensively continue” talks on EU climate law to come up with joint position among member states, with the aim to make #GHG neutrality 2050 legally binding and “adapting the 2030 target accordingly” - German chancellor Merkel in parliament speech on #EU2020DE
EU-China relations continue to be at centre of #EU2020DE - Merkel
Says cancelled Sept leaders meeting to take place later, as joint EU voice vis-à-vis “strategic partners” e.g. China important, also on #climateaction progr; Merkel says hopes for “results for #climate protection”
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