ANOTHER K-pop artist between the age of 25 & 30 died recently.

"Yohan’s death is the latest in a string of K-pop stars to lose their lives in the past year."

K-pop boyband star Yohan dies aged 28
"[BTS] held its much-anticipated Bang Bang Con on Sunday, drawing in 756,600 viewers, marking what the band’s label claims to be the largest paying audience ever for a livestreamed concert."

BTS Just Proved That Paid Livestreaming Is Here to Stay
"In music, sajaegi has a more specific meaning -unethically and/or illegally boosting a chart ranking. For example, entertainment agencies bulk-buying their own CDs; or using bots or computer farms to repeatedly stream songs and hike up chart numbers."

"The 2nd morning at this year’s NY:LON Connect conference focused on ‘emerging international and influential markets’. 3 territories in particular: South Korea, China, & Russia/Eastern Europe."

Music’s global evolution: K-Pop, China, and Eastern Europe
From 2011:

"Some of K-Pop's biggest success stories were built on the back of so-called slave contracts, which tied its trainee-stars into long exclusive deals, with little control or financial reward."

The dark side of South Korean pop music
"In subsequent days, users took the same tack with the Grand Rapids [MI] police department, which had set up a portal for "picture or video evidence" of violent civil unrest, and with the Kirkland [WA] police, who put out a call Twitter for tips..."

"Reactions to Kim’s apology have been divided on Twitter, with some accepting it as well-meaning and genuine while others took issue with his a fetishisation of African American culture."

K-pop rapper samples George Floyd's final words
April 2018:

Members of Red Velvet, one of South Korea's top K-pop groups, sang their hits "Bad Boy" and "Red Flavor."

South Korea's K-pop stars surprised by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's appearance at performance - ABC News - 
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