Putting it out in the universe, the things that I expect from a Reading App:

- Gamification in which points are allocated on basis of your reading speed, books read, types of book read, time taken to complete the book, and books reviewed as well.

- Social Platform that lets you compare yourself with your friends, peers, etc.

Allows you to follow and interact with your favourite authors.

Build groups around specific genre, topic or city.

- Recommendation Engine that recommends books based on your reading habits, browsing of selves, friends' selves, etc.

- Build your virtual selves. Kinda like lists on Letterboxd on as many dimensions as you want.

Share your selves with your friends.

Allow them to borrow books from your selves.

- Keep your notes, highlights, and ideas. Link it with related content like Movies, YT Videos, etc. You can follow people whose notes and analysis you like or find insightful. (5/n)
In conclusion, I want it to be a cross between Letterboxd, Goodreads, Twitter, and StepSetGo.

There is so much you can do with it.

Hopefully, someone in this universe will find this thread and weave it into reality.
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