Both @Jaredlholt and @clairenjax are without a doubt two of the biggest scumbags to pretend they're doing anything remotely close to journalism. Both hit pieces were remarkably moronic, but surprisingly, Claire managed to actually do something more idiotic than Holt.
Holt, the conniving and slimy little twerp that he is, was at least smart enough to leave some uncertainty in his piece. @Clairenjax foolishly asserted that the attack on Cass' house was a "hoax". Anyone that heard the 911 call she uploaded knows better.
Holt's entire attempt at refuting Cass' story relies on the accounts of two houses with Black Lives Matter signs. One is basically a hippie commune, they do interpretative dance in the mornings out front of their house. No lie.
He spoke to them over a week after the incident occurred and he had already made up his mind about how this story was going to go just hours after the attack took place.
Anyway, to reiterate, @clairenjax = incredibly stupid human. She out and out calls what happened a money-grabbing hoax. Even Holt didn't screw up that badly.
Hippie commune house has iron bars around their windows with a black lives matter sign posted on each side of their door. A bit ironic, the combination screams "eat me last."

Anyway, these are the people Holt wants you to believe are impartial witnesses. At 4:00 AM.
But here's the thing. This particular house didnt even open their doors or turn on their light to look outside the night of the incident. Not even when three police vehicles arrived on scene. Holt just found a few yuppies willing to lie.
They were home today, I saw them through the window. But apparently they were too afraid to talk since they wouldn't come to the door. Not hard to imagine what sort of story Holt fed them.
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