Boots Riley is a cop supporter though. He has been a champion of police violence and State murder from Venezuela to HK to Nicaragua to Syria for years

And now that he wants on the #DefundThePolice bus, he is angry he is being called out for it
Tankie justice is no justice at all
I am thoroughly enjoyong the multiple tankie panic attacks as years of defending murderous police actions abroad finally catches up w them. As Grayzone and others try to jump on the bandwagon of US protests, a lot of those in the trenches are telling them

Suck an egg
Ah I see some of his 200,00p followers have found this thread and are melting down in the replies. I dont get notufications for your replies so here are the receipts

He is right to support BLM. Good for him. Just wish he wasnt so #BlueLivesMatter abroad
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