Just chatting with one of my political confidants and the equalization referendum makes so much more sense now. THREAD
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Where has @jkenney faced some of his greatest opposition?

Public school boards, and municipal councils.
It's been rumoured for some time that there would be some slates run in the next municipal election.
The @Alberta_UCP tested this out with their so called "Students Count" slate in the 2017 #yyccbe @yyCBEdu election.
Whether formal or informal, I expect there will be ideologically aligned candidate slates in the 2021 municipal elections and school board elections.
Everyone likes to say Kenney is playing 4 dimensional chess, while everyone else is playing checkers, and I think this is one of those cases...
What changes were also made to the eligibility for public school boards with so called #BillH8 that eliminated GSA protections?
This is a Trojan horse to allow ideologically aligned trustees to run on a slate for the public school boards. There will be less opposition if public boards (which aren't allowed to legally be called public anymore) are stacked with favourable trustees.
By leveraging an #EqualizationReferendum, the UCP will be able to drive turnout with their base who are passionate about getting more money from Ottawa (a formula Kenney and Harper wrote will in government).
They'll be able to push against #yyccc who's been in their crosshairs since @nenshi defeated Bill Smith, and who's led Calgary Council to just pass the #GreenLineYYC, a project they've been secretly advocating against via proxies and pals.
And they'll be able to strut around gloating about how Alberta's rejected Ottawa - essentially a toothless outcome - while simultaneously decimating the opposition they have municipally and on public school boards.
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