We #HongKong people stand with #India & #Taiwan against Chinese Communist Party. We expect our friends in India to be stand with us. 🇮🇳🇭🇰🇹🇼
India needs to review its China policy thoroughly. It must realise healthy democracy like India can’t fight authoritarian China on its own. It has to join hands with the countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, philippines, South Korea, US, Australia, UK,.....
With they have common democratic values and shared interests and have Territorial or Economic disputes with authoritarian China. We are willing to join India but is India ready?
For example India should work with technology Giants like Taiwan, hong kong and West countries to develop a rival 5G technology to counter Huawei, which is seen as a threat for security of the World. They should jointly work on new defence systems and other technologies.
India should also has the courage to criticise China’s human rights record within China and in Hong Kong. It should also develop ties with Taiwan. It shouldn’t hesitate condemning China and should work with the West in such issues.
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