1. "Racism is learned!"

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
2. "Racism is learned!"
3. "Racism is learned."

#BlackLivesMatter #BlueFlu
4. "Racism is learned."

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
5. "Racism is learned."

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
6. "Racism is learned."

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
7. "Racism is learned."

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
8. "Racism is learned."

9. "Racism is learned."
10. "Racism is learned."

11. "Racism is learned."

12. "Racism is learned."

#WhitePrivilege #BlackLivesMatter
13. "You can't be racist against white people."

#WhitePrivilege #WhiteSupremacy
14. "White people need to check their privilege. How dare you wear a #MAGA hat, you racist."

#WhitePrivilege #WhiteSupremacy #BlackLivesMatter
15. "There's no age limit on #WhitePrivilege. Find an old white lady and body-slam her."

#WhiteSupremacy #BlueFlu
16. More #WhiteSupremacy: refusing to give out your phone number. Your privilege? Get decked.
17. "Her daughters have been targeted time and time again...Her cries of help went ignored."

18. "The older you are, the more #whiteprivilege you have."
19. "Cop privilege is to get his ass kicked so that he doesn't get accused of being a racist." #BlackLivesMatter
20. Her #WhitePrivilege was to fight a bigger boy. Her #WhiteSupremacy was to win the fight.
21. His #WhitePrivilege was apparently to have a bike. Or something.
22. Like, I don't even know what's left to say. *shrugs* White people are a plague. 🤷‍♂️
23. I guess the #WhitePrivilege here was to be surrounded 14 to 1. Or something.
24. 1 on 1 is a fair fight, right?

Wrong. It's 4 on 1.
25. "So what did you do today?"

"Oh, you know, I went to get some stuff at the C store & got beat up for being white."

"You really need to check your privilege." *sigh*

"Yeah." *sigh*
26. Fill in your own punchline, at this point.

#BlackLivesMatter #WhitePrivilege #BlueFlu
27. This manager knows how to keep his white employees in line.
28. By this point, you know what's coming: more #WhitePrivilege
29. I wish more "youth" were as courteous & thoughtful like this one was in helping an old codger off the bus--even if he was a flaming racist. #BeKind !
30. His white tooth deserved to get knocked out. White Teeth R Racist.
31. "The valet service at this establishment is first rate."
32. "Don't fight. Just walk away."

33. Old, young; boy, girl--it doesn't matter. White people deserve to be beaten. They must be punished for their systemic racism.
34. I can't stop on 33, or else all the anti-masons will accuse me of being a mason.

"Racism is learned."
35. I can't stop on 34, all the OCD people will hate me. Here's another.

*Small children present.*


"Racism is learned."
36. I'm told that domestic violence is a problem. Where does this fall on the intersection hierarchy--i.e. who was more oppressed, the white supremacist woman or the black victim? 🤔

#BlackLivesMatter #WhitePrivilege
37. Earlier, we saw a nice "youth" helping an old man off the bus. Here we see a nice youth helping a woman onto the subway. That's real #whiteprivilege if you can get it.
38. Educate the white people: when they say something offensive, you must punish them like Pavlov's dogs.
39. These white girls didn't know they were getting a free audition to become internet stars.
40. "Everything was chill until that old white supremacist drew his #WhitePrivilege on those poor boys!"
41. "Thanks for the groceries, kind sir." That's some real privilege!
42. "White people need to get out of the way." #BlackLivesMatter
43. When white supremacy starts winning, that's when #BlackLivesMatter needs to stand together!

Don't get out of the car.

Don't walk away--run!
45. "Racism is learned."

Even smaller white girls need to be taught a lesson about their implicit bias. Never too young to learn, right?
46. "Racism is learned."
47. Here we see privileged tourists (and obvi white supremacists) in Washington DC. Getting a lesson in social justice, DC style. White people are a plague, remember?
48. Dear White People: your privilege is to have visitors come knock on your door and beat you up. Remember: not everyone has a house. And if you have one, you've likely stolen it from a disadvantaged minority. #BlackLivesMatter
49. As seen at Target, before it was looted. 😂
50. For #50, here's one that came across my feed earlier today. Can't a minority just shop in peace without being hounded by a white supremacist & racist?
51. "Fellow White People," never turn your back on a minority--it's tremendously rude and racist. You don't get to have that privilege anymore.
52. Dear White People: Don't you know who they are? You're the plague, and they're the cure.
53. Her: "I'm 3 months pregnant."

Him: "I will kill your kid!"

Trying to get out of fight by claiming pregnancy? Talk about #WhitePrivilege!
54. All kinds of amusement at the amusement park! End of the line, whitey.
55. This is Soyattle *before* the riots. 😬 #BlackLivesMatter
56. *Warning: Ugly Content*

Yikes. Don't be a Karen in these situations.

RIP Andrew Young.
57. More recently, a senior citizen white racist got intimately acquainted with some street youth. I think a fun time was had by all.

Seriously, though, grandma, learn to stay out of their way--you don't own the sidewalk! #WhitePrivilege
58. Those "New Europeans!" Always horsing around!
59. I counted her saying B*tch 14 times. She hit her more times than that. Incredible levels of #WhitePrivilege. Her implicit bias must be off the charts. She should cut her nice long hair. #BlackLivesMatter
60. "When seconds count, the police will be there to bandage you up...or even put you in a body bag."

-Don't stop.
-Don't get out of the car.

Free nose job is true #whiteprivilege

Imagine what will happen when we #DefundThePolice. #BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
61. Nate's #whiteprivilege was to survive the accident in the first place.

Hi friends:

Here are all ~120 videos from my collection of whites getting attacked & beat on. ~410 MB total. I only shared 61 of them.

Download & keep spreading the truth on all your social media platforms!

63. Bonus: Actual "White Privilege"
64. Can a person, family, community, nation or culture be great that promotes the latter qualities over the former?

Which side of the list is glorified w/in the Black community? The White Community? Other communities?

Which are most important?
#FathersDay #HappyFathersDay2020
65. Updating the video library: 200 files now, relevant to this thread.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #WhitePrivilege #WhiteFragility #BlackFragility 👇

66. Updated video library and link. 202 videos & files.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #WhiteLivesMatter #CannonHinnant

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