Métis are not remarkably mixed. I get that people immediately think of us when they think of white looking Natives. I definitely am. But that's not *especially* true of us, and it's something I'd like folks to think about more often. Don't hold us up as that way.
A LOT of the Nations who have undergone sustained contact over centuries both before the Métis Nation arose, and after that (because we became a people on the Plains and encroachment happened much later there) have very mixed folks, and many look white.
Right now we are the Nation to claim as all these white people reinvent themselves, but that also does not define us or make us remarkably mixed and white. They aren't us, no matter how much they claim to be.
I would very much love if more Indigenous folks got to know our actual communities and our actual people instead of defaulting to the idea that if there be white looking Natives, they're probably Métis.
Also need to once again clarify that we are a specific People, not simply a term folks can take up to describe their mixedness, please and thank you.
It is just as true among Métis as it is among other Indigenous Narions that those of us who look whitest get seen more which is absolutely a function of white supremacy.
Shut the fuck up.
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