I personally do plan to have a baby during a job interview.

Not sure how I will schedule this but I hope there is a conference table in the room and I hope it gets me the job. https://twitter.com/mahad_minhas/status/1273262516714561536
But also no... I do not wish to be questioned on this or any other baby/no baby plots... I mean plans... I may or may not have.
Interviewer: Do you plan on having a baby?

Me: I am having one right now.
Interviewer: Would you like to have a baby?

Me: Oh no thank you! I just ate.
Interviewer: Do you have any baby plans?

Me: Ok! So! I haven't figured out where we get the baby but...
Interviewer: What are your plans for a family?

Me: It depends! If it's the royal family, I have A LOT of plans regarding, for a start, dissolving their wealth and reparations for the damage caused by British colonization... If it's the Hemsworth family, I have no notes.
Interviewer: So do you want kids?

Me: I wish! I live in a rental apartment so I'm not even allowed a cat let alone a goat!
Interviewer: Our last hire left to make a family. Is that something you might be thinking of doing?

Me: Ehh...I'd have to work on my skills first. I only do it as a hobby on weekends and I tend to get the hands wrong.
Interviewer: How likely are you to need a break from your career because of parenting?

Me: Look... I'm gonna be honest with you. If the parents here insist on going on and on about their boring kids and their crappy drawings then yes, I might need a day or two off now and then.
Interviewer: What's your biggest weakness?


I: What?


I: I mean... congratulations but you really don't have to tell us that.

M: Huh?

I: Do you always bring your personal life to work like this?
On a serious note... Yes it's illegal to ask these questions in a job interview.

Outside of that? Not illegal but equally none of your business. 🙃
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