A motion put by Minister Cormann & Senator Wong today will dramatically limit the number of motions that can be put before the senate on any given day.

Let's be clear - this is the two major parties ganging up to GAG debate and expression by the crossbench in @auSenate #Auspol
Let me explain why motions are an important democratic function:

Motions allow us to put before the Senate matters that are important to the community and, especially, matters that members of the community may not otherwise be able to raise with elected representatives #AusPol
Motions also allow us to formally request documents from the government, known as an order for the production of documents. This GAG hampers our ability to scrutinise the government's actions by limiting the number of opportunities to formally request documents #AusPol
Motions can also be used to formally request that a Minister or Senator show up at a given time to make a statement in relation to an important matter - the recent sports rorts scandal being a key example of this #AusPol
This is how we get information from the Government, information that is important for the community and for stakeholders.

The @AustralianLabor party is limiting the Senate's ability to scrutinise the Government

They are literally voting to not have to do their job #AusPol
This is undemocratic.

We are all sent here to represent our constituents and ensure that they are heard in the Parliament - motions are a very important way to do this #AusPol
The Labor Political Party and the Liberal and National Political parties are gagging the community's ability to be heard in their own parliament. It is a disgrace #AusPol
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