Want to be a good ally to the LGBTQ community?

Put your pronouns in your social media profile & your email signature. Put it on your business cards. Make your pronouns part of your introduction.

"Hi, I'm Andy. My pronouns are he/him. Nice to meet you."

Speaker buddies-- put your pronouns on your slides, in your conference bio.

Will it feel a little weird for you? Sure, maybe. You might get asked, "Why? It's obvious."

Normalizing pronouns makes it 1000x easier for folx whose pronouns aren't obvious. Do it for them.
This is an area that I'm inconsistent with, and trying to be better.

I'm not saying it's an easy habit to get into, or that you won't sometimes feel awkward. I'm saying it's IMPORTANT.

And sometimes important things are hard.
At work, do you look up folks Slack bio to find out who the heck they are?

Talk to your Slack Admins. They can add a custom field for pronouns, so that you can include your pronouns in your Slack bio, too!
And lastly --- It's also OK to *NOT* give your pronouns. Ultimately it's a personal decision.

Please, please don't ever FORCE someone to provide their pronouns.

I encourage the _collective you_ to share your pronouns, but I understand why the _individual you_ chooses not to.
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