The UCP government’s pre-ordained Fair Deal Panel report was released today. In his response, Premier Kenney talks about the need for Alberta to be treated fairly. So let’s talk about fairness. 1/6 #ableg
Is it a fair deal for Albertans to face service cuts to pay for a $4.7 billion handout to profitable corporations? Is it fair to impose higher income taxes, school fees, and insurance rates on everyday Albertans in a time when we’re all struggling? 2/6 #ableg
Is it fair to fire thousands of education staff who were working to help our children adjust to online learning? Is it fair to continue to attack doctors, causing many to leave the province? Is it fair to reduce the minimum wage for youth just because of their age? 3/6 #ableg
Is it fair to leave small businesses hanging when they need support during a pandemic? Is it fair to pull the rug out from under growing businesses by cancelling tax credits? And is it fair to dismiss diverse provincial boards and replace them with Kenney’s donors? 4/6 #ableg
I would argue that no, many of the UCP’s actions since they took office are not fair. Fairness would mean working to help all Albertans. This report is meaningless — just a sad attempt to have Kenney continue his feud with the feds. 5/6 #ableg
Our caucus wants to address the real & urgent priorities of Albertans: having enough food on the table, getting back to work, and being able to access services. We deserve a govt that will fight for us, not pursue an off-base and unpopular agenda of cuts and closures. 6/6 #ableg
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