In Atlanta press conference, a key piece of evidence: for 2 minutes and 12 seconds after Mr. Brooks was shot, police failed to provide any medical attention; one officer kicked him while he was on the ground & the other stood on his shoulders while he struggled for his life.
The warrants (there has been no grand jury indictment) are for felony murder, aggravated assault, and violation of police procedures. On the murder charge, the penalty ranges from life in prison to death.
Another key piece of evidence detailed by the prosecution is that the taser in Mr. Brooks’ possession had been fired twice so officers knew it posed no further threat to them.
Just after the killing, one of the officers reportedly said “I got him.”
The other officer, according to the DA, has agreed to cooperate and testify against the shooter. Prosecutors are asking that the shooter receive no bond.
The evidence prosecutors have assembled in such brief time is remarkable. These cases are tough in front of a jury. Evidence of the officers’ indifference after the shooting & cooperation from an officer, plus video, makes this case far stronger than what prosecutors often have.
But these cases are always very difficult & conviction (& affirmance on appeal if there is a conviction) is not guaranteed. I twice authorized prosecution on grievous bodily injury excessive force cases with strong video evidence & juries declined to convict.
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