2. Bolton details on Trump using China policy for re-election raises questions about @SecPompeo meeting quietly today in Hawaii w/ Chinese official Yang Jiechi. People ask: 1) Will they discuss farm goods purchases to help Trump? 2) Dirt on Hunter Biden? 3) Huawei & Meng Wanzhou?
3. Bolton book shows how Xi plays Trump. How many other autocrats do this? What do Putin & Erdogan say to him? At a Dec. 2018 dinner in Buenos Aires: "Xi said the U.S. had too many elections, because he didn’t want to switch away from Trump, who nodded approvingly."
4. Bolton book should also make us reexamine all the praise Trump heaped on Xi over China's handling of the coronavirus. It seems Trump wanted the trade deal to stick for reelection & believed whatever Xi said about the outbreak. Now 120,000 Americans are dead. See this tweet.
5. Details from Bolton book excerpt on how Trump caved to Xi on trade in order to get minor farm purchases from China to secure farm-state votes. Note how all the Chinese officials "perked up and smiled" when Trump said Kushner would help w/ negotiations. https://www.wsj.com/articles/john-bolton-the-scandal-of-trumps-china-policy-11592419564
6. Trump ❤️ Xi: "Xi agreed that we should restart the trade talks, welcoming Trump’s concession that there would be no new tariffs....'You’re the greatest Chinese leader in 300 years!' exulted Trump, amending that a few minutes later to 'the greatest leader in Chinese history.'"
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