Today is the last day of my seven day challenge to provide a current example of systemic racism in America. No examples yet, just conceptual takes.
One view is that racist people in a non-racist system creates "systemic racism." For example, the justice system is colorblind by intention, but not by outcome. The reason for different outcomes is assumed to be racism, but studies can't isolate that variable.
And here we have a new problem. If "look at the data" is an argument for ANYTHING, why are we having mass protests about police killing black citizens at a higher rate than other groups when the data says otherwise?
If you think the data says police are killing black citizens at a higher rate than other groups it is because you are not good at analyzing things. Which puts you in good company with 95% of the public.
Maybe 5% of the public knows the numbers you see in the media are INTENTIONALLY misleading. For example, if you think it means something that a higher percentage of the black population is killed by police, you are in the 95% who are being duped by data that is misleading.
Don't trust me about the data? Good call. You shouldn't. Trust the left-leaning people who are experts at analyzing data and statistics. They are all hiding. Hear the dog not barking. No professional data/statistics expert on the left are helping us sort out the data. Why?
You fucking know why. They would be cancelled by their own team if they told the truth. Don't believe me? Again, good call. We live in a world where no one is credible. So let me offer a test of my claim.
Find me the most credible and left-leaning data/statistics expert, and put that expert in a long-form interview with a well-informed right-leaning interviewer on the topic of police violence. Let's say @benshapiro. This will not happen. Ask yourself why.
You know that executive order Trump just signed that creates a national database of police misconduct? Half the country is in for a big surprise if the data is deemed credible. To be fair, that surprise could go either way.
Cancel culture has forced white people to lie to black people for self-preservation. No solutions are possible when debate is effectively outlawed and the data experts are in hiding.
We are now experiencing mass protests over an issue the data can't find, in a context of continuous race relations improvements, and everyone started out on the same side after seeing the George Floyd video. More white people than black protested.
How did we get to this absurd point in which the country is being ripped apart by AGREEMENT? Well, it wasn't because millions of independent-minded citizens looked at the data and made wise decisions, many of them in agreement with their own side by coincidence.
The biggest red pill in the world is the realization that your opinions on politics are assigned to you by people who know how to make you believe you made up your own mind. There is probably some genetic propensity for conservatism or liberalism, but not policy details.
Most of you know I'm a trained hypnotist and I write about the techniques of persuasion. Viewed through my filter, the current upheaval in the country is predicated on something real and important-to-fix (racism), but the way we are ACTING on it comes from external persuasion.
I don't see a public trying to find solutions. What I see is hypnotized puppets fighting other hypnotized puppets while the puppet-masters cash their checks. And no, I don't blame George Soros. This isn't about money influence. It's about something far more powerful.
You aren't yet ready for the truth. But you will be.
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