Honestly, when I posted the thread on Asian cultural appropriation a few days ago, I was scared I would be cancelled. I’m so grateful for the support I received in regard to it.

Unfortunately, my fear made me sugarcoat what I actually believe. (1/?)
So I’d like to set the record straight!

I think that non-Asian people using an Asian aesthetic are appropriating. I think that non-Asian people using Asian names are appropriating. I think that Asian people using Asian cultures that are not their own are appropriating. (2/?)
My cultures are not your aesthetic!!! They’re meaningful. They’re important.

I was bullied for my cultures. My beliefs in Shintoism that I was raised with were laughed at. (3/?)
I know that because Animal Crossing is a Japanese game, there are many Japanese clothing and furniture items! There are also some Chinese clothing and furniture items. This probably encourages some people to use Japanese or Chinese names despite not being either. (4/?)
That doesn’t make it okay! You can use those items without giving your character or your islanf a Japanese name. (5/?)
And another thing!! Zen gardens. Zen gardens were created through Buddhism and have a lot of significance both religiously and culturally! Go ahead and have a rock garden, but zen gardens are something more that just sand and rocks!! (6/?)
Japanese Zen gardens were inspired by Chinese Song Dynasty gardens, but gradually evolved to suit the needs of Japanese Buddhists. Their zen gardens were crafted to stimulate their meditation. (7/?)
I’ll stop here on my mini history lesson on Zen gardens since that topic has way more than I can cover right now, but I think that’s enough to convey how important it is to the culture and why you shouldn’t haphazardly style a rock garden and call it a Zen garden. (8/?)
Im not asking anyone to reset their games if they already have an Asian name for their character and island. I’m asking you not to do it going forward and to understand that what you did is not acceptable. (9/?)
I should also note that because languages overlap sometimes, some non-Asian people will have Asian sounding names or nicknames that come from their non-Asian names. That’s okay. Just be ready to explain that if someone feels you are appropriating. (10/?)
Please do not message me asking to approve of your use of Asian names that are not from your culture. It’s cultural appropriation, you shouldn’t do it, END OF THE CONVERSATION!! (11/11)
JUST FOR THE RECORD!! This thread was made in reference to the AC community specifically.
Of course there are always situational exceptions to things, but that’s not for me alone to decide.
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